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Trimester Chart


1st Trimester

0.4kg - 2.0kg

2nd Trimester

2.0kg - 8.0kg

3rd Trimester

8.0kg - 13.6kg


  • 4
    If you have been trying for pregnancy, you should avoid any medication at this point because some medications can be harmful fro the developing embryo. If you need any medications, tell your doctor that you might be pregnant.
  • 9
    At this stage, your appetite might improve but do not be surprised if the nausea persists for another month or so. Due to hormonal changes, the gums become soft and thicker. You might bleed from your gums while brushing your teeth. Be sure to use a soft toothbrush and also visit a dentist too.
  • 13
    You will start to feel some heaviness and a mild ache in your lower abdomen, as the uterus grows and stretches. You might find it uncomfortable when you get up after sitting down or when you turn from side to side when you are lying down. This feeling increases over the following few weeks.


  • 18
    Many women get worried because they do not seem to have symptoms of pregnancy anymore. The nausea is gone, the appetite is healthy and you have become used to the weight of the uterus so there is no abdominal discomfort. Don’t worry, this is the good time of pregnancy, so enjoy it.
  • 22
    In this week you may feel the effects of the change in your centre of gravity. Your gait will change when you walk. Avoid wearing high heels. You may be more comfortable with a slight heel on your footwear, rather than completely flat footwear.
  • 27
    You will gain weight more rapidly now, make sure you do not put more than one to two kilos per month. You may also feel short of breath at times. That’s because the baby pushes against ribs, giving less space for the lungs to expand. You will be able to see parts of your baby move around in your abdomen, as she pushes against your body.


  • 31
    Your gait might be getting altered. Your centre of gravity changes because of protuberant stomach. The hormones produced in pregnancy cause relaxation of the joints between the bones in your pelvic area. This relaxation will cause you to waddle. The back pain can get worse as the pregnancy progresses. Finding a comfortable position to sleep can be difficult. Try lying pn your sides with pillows to support the uterus and a pillow between your knees.
  • 36
    You will start your weekly checkups now. The baby should have got into its final position by now. Most babies will be in the head down position but about 4 out of 100 will breech (buttocks down) position. The uterus has grown to 1000 times its non pregnant volume.
  • 40
    The obstetrician will make sure the baby is doing well inside. She might want to wait till 41 weeks to induce labour. Remember that most babies are born a week before or after the due date. Only four percent of babies are born exact on the due date.
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