Our Story

A curious and caring Mother’s love to source the right products for her newborn blossomed into a beautiful Spark that laid the first foundations of Mamaamia in 2019.

Upon realizing how arduous it had become to tap into the right resources for her baby and the daunting task of shifting through the ambiguous information available on the web, Mamaamia was born as a Digital Grandma and a one-stop resource for all mama’s (and mama’s to be) with the sole intention of hand-holding mama’s in their beautiful life-altering journey.

Mamaamia is available at your disposal right from the planning stages to post-maternity celebrations. Well-researched, hand-picked knowledge resources including common myth-busters have been presented in an easy to read format.

But this is not all! The nurturing bond between a mama and her baby is above and beyond this world, and we wish to recreate this magic by offering products which makes “to be mom, mom and her baby” feel the warmth of kinship.

Our holistic range of products – both for the mama and the baby are best in class and ensure the utmost comfort for your little one. With Mamaamia, you truly need not look any further and lay your complete trust into your digital grandma!

Come, join Mamaamia and put the magic back into this magical episode of your life!

Together, we will kinder and merge in your joy, delight and luxury to make it a grand celebration.

As is our style: Mamaamia – Celebrating Mothehood!